A Commitment to Service

UCI Student Affairs IT is committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our departments. Our Service Level Agreement details the assistance that is covered for departmental computer support.

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Service Level Agreement

Tech Support Made Easy with

UCI Service Now

UCI ServiceNow is your one stop for filing incident reports to get the immediate and personalized service to resolve all of your tech issues.

Faster service

faster service

with UCI ServiceNow you'll have a whole team resolve your incident
Working hand in hand

working hand in hand

you're not the problem, you're part of the solution
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available day and night

and you can submit your incident 24/7

Submitting an incident report

Submitting an incident report is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Department: Select which department you are affiliated with
  2. Urgency: List the urgency of the incident. 1- most urgent, 4 - least urgent
  3. Description: Give a descriptive statement of what thwe incident is. Please include error messages and descriptions of previous actions or running applications. The more details we know of the issue, the better we can aassist you.
Submit an Incident Report

equipment requests

Student Affairs IT has a whole range of equipment at your disposal for all your needs. Reserve your equipment today!

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Project requests

project requests

Got a website or application you need built? Student Affairs IT can help. We have a team of talented developers ready to make your project a reality.

Submit requests through JIRA, under the "Project Requests" tab. If you do not have JIRA access, call us or submit a ticket through UCI ServiceNow and we will get you setup.

Request Your Project Here

Process details

Customers requesting projects from Student Affairs IT must fulfill the following criteria in order for them to be completed:

  • Customer must use JIRA to communicate features, requests, bugs, etc. If apporpriate, a new project in JIRA will be created to handle this communication. Requests via email will not be considered.
  • If the project is a web site, the customer must provide a final, approved, high-fidelity mockup before work begins, If external parties are involved, the mockup must be sent to them for approval before contacting SA IT.
  • Customer must give specific dates that web sites or appications are due. Projects requestsed "ASAP" will not be considered.
  • SA IT requires a minimum of 1 month to complete a simple web site*, 2 monts for a complex web site or web application**. Each project will have its won timeline, these are just minimum estimates.
  • * A simple website is a static site with up to 10 pages with no dynamic parts (ie, no forms, logins, emails, etc)
  • ** A complex site can include forms and more complex logic.